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Susan Bass's most recent sculptures represent her struggle to unify ceramics and metallurgy. She has developed glazing to resemble gold on her ceramic pieces and her work combines metal and porcelain, both materials solidifying from liquid states through the transformational action of fire. Her sculptural works are collages of different materials ascribing a spatial presence.

Her wall sculptures seek to work ceramic pieces hardened by firing with the wet medium of paint. The results are large scale 3D works of unusual depth with color commonly unattainable in ceramics. 

Susan's process resurrects discarded and broken ceramic forms into new and innovative uses in her sculptures. Her work is focused on the exploration of materials, antiquity and symbols and the spiritual connection between music and art. She is inspired by dualities in modern life, and her art speaks of those differences and contradictions.

Susan says, "Porcelain is a mysterious material to work with: it signifies my relationship with the larger cultural ambiguity of life in this time. From fragmented beginnings, I work to restore an ordered completeness bringing other materials and methods to the work, such as slagged metal and paint. I have an obsessive flirtation with chemistry and the transformative effects of fire, which keeps me alive to the work as it evolves."

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